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MPG Tracker

1.99 usd

Just like the free version, but with no adsKeep track of your vehicle's performance and cost to drive with MPG Tracker. Set up profiles for multiple vehicles, each of which can be tracked independently.
Track each fill-up by inputting the number of miles driven on your last tank, the number gallons it took to fill up and the cost per gallon. The app figures your vehicle's miles per gallon on that tank as well as the cost per mile. It tracks your MPG history over time and displays a graph of up to 20 recent fill-ups for that vehicle. It will also keep track of your miles and cost year-to-date.
As users log fill-ups community data is collected so you can compare your performance to other drivers who have the same vehicle.
The app is simple and straight forward with a minimal user interface. It's all about the data.
Note: This app uses Flurry to collect usage data. This can be turned off by the user on the settings screen. The data collected is non-identifiable and simple tells us which features are used and in what order. We also collect community data on fill-ups through our own web server. This feature also does not include any identifiable information other than the model of vehicle, and can also be turned off in the settings.